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for the Child's Right to Play

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is the World's most adopted Treaty, the UK has signed it.   Article 31 of the Convention states:

1. States Parties recognize the right of the child to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

2. States Parties shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall encourage the provision of appropriate and equal opportunities for cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure activity.

The Convention in full:   Read it here

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We were founded in 1972 by Trevor Huddleston CR after the deaths of 2 boys by drowning in an East End London canal because there was nowhere safe for them to play.     Fair Play has been at the pioneering edge of play, many ideas and issues started here went on to become mainstream issues, with new organisations taking up what we started.



  1. UK's first National Play Information and Advisory Service
    - this free service continues
  2. Make Waste Space Play Space Campaign:
    Turning marginal land into play areas
  3. Towards Safer Playgrounds:
    Campaign and parent resource
  4. Parents Playground Safety Checklist
  5. Towards Safer Adventure Playgrounds
  6. Why Lock Up Our Schools:
    Campaign for use of Schools for play schemes
  7. Multi-cultural Play Pack


  1. Rural Play Pack
  2. Children's Act and Play Conference
  3. Restore Urban Aid Summer Play funding Campaign and Meeting
    - successful
  4. Initiated proposal for National Voluntary Council for Children's Play
    - developed into Play England


  1. Launched PlayAction
    - our quarterly journal (Now replaced by our online 2x weekly Fair Play for Children News)
  2. Environment and Play Conferences
  3. Launched PlayAction Guides which developed into a range of publications
    - now online in our Publications section
  4. Child Protection in Playwork Pack
  5. Enabled access to Police Checks for Voluntary Groups
    - part of a pre-CRB national pilot
  6. A Fair Deal for Our Children Campaign
    - highlighting inequalities between local government expenditure on adult leisure and children's play, work continues
  7. Home Zones concept first proposed in UK by Fair Play, based on Woonerfs in Holland - many rolled out since across UK


  1. Providing access to Criminal Records Checks since launch of CRB in 2002 and prior to that in a Home Office pilot from 1994.
    - thousands of enhanced checks completed for organisations
  2. Represented Children's Play interests on working party which set up the Vetting and Barring Scheme
  3. Launched new website with news service, online library, publications etc
  4. Child Protection Training Events throughout the country
    - aimed at smaller voluntary bodies
  5. Curfew Watch
    - monitoring unfair blanket curfews on children and young people in the UK
  6. Ban the Mosquito Anti-Teen Device
    - action to prevent its sale and use in the UK, ongoing work, we'll make Government and Councils listen!
  7. Anti-Social Behaviour in Tower Hamlets?
  8. How young people were treated in their own Borough
  9. Stolen Streets, Stolen Childhood
  10. The loss of street play opportunities in England over 4 decades
  11. Unfair Play for Children
  12. How Councils have cut children's play more than any other area
  13. Playground Survey
  14. How many playgrounds are there is England, how much space do they offer children?
  15. The Compatibility of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with Article 6.1 of the European Convention on Human Rights
  16. What happens when children are accused of anti-social behaviour anonymously.  

  17. Obligations of Councils re Play and Youth provision - publication



  2. Now we have returned to our campaigning roots, currently focusing on the fact that, contrary to a widely-held belief by local authorities, play and youth workers etc, play and youth work are statutory obligations on Local Education Authorities.    Fair Play's news service is second to none, we also publish a weekly research resource online and we maintain a free online library of publications etc.  We have just launched our new web site  .....

  3. FAIR PLAY in Action


  1. Fair Play's web site:  Looking back

  2. Using the Wayback archive visit our site from 2008 onwards, see how we've developed!

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