Fair Play for Children Our Vision of a Good Childhood has Play at its centre It's celebrated in art and image In all cultures It's about friendship Freedom, Health It's inspired artists through the ages All ages of childhood The Idyll of Play ....? ...  And now the Realityn for too many of the World's children Conflict Child Soldiers Civil war Poverty and begging Slavery through the ages, still with us Destruction and desolation Inhuman crimes against children Yet even on the rubbish tips  ... Kids play everywhere - in the mud ... In the river Even the floods It's prehistoric - 3 year old's cave fingerart Ancient Egypt 12th C China Goya's Spain Europe Children in the Town - using the streets Note no cars ..... Before adults pushed them out for their cars More water .... In times of hardship Even after the devastation of war Children play near their homes Authority can hinder this .... often for no good reason Or help, if they take time to think Often, adults see a threat .... The kids want to meet Lark about Play games together Hang out with mates Kick a ball about Survey the scene Have a street play day Play is ....  Energetic - and Healthy It challenges Kids take risks Test their limits Run off steam Seeing how high ... Do stunts to prove they can Somewhere private with your mate Sharing things Working things out Having a laugh Old favourites in many cultures Tests of skills Getting about Being constructive Role Playing Getting married Making use of our environments Enjoying nature Exploring Testing things out Working together Part of the team Adventure play Privacy Getting away from things Play is about imagination Performing Raising horizons Celebrating all abilities Dreaming who you might become ..... Rest The Landscape of Dreams The path to creativity Freedom to Play The RIGHT to Play - Government has a DUTY Let's  make the World fit for ALL our Children's Play<br/>What a great World that will be - for everyone
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