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Promoting the Child's Right to Play since 1973 in the UK and Worldwide according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Fair Play's Disclosure and Barring Service

Fair Play for Children has been involved since 1994 in facilitating criminal records checks for those organisations working wth children in play, childcare, sport, arts and leisure settings.  Firstly, from 1994-2001 via the pilot project, VOCS (Home Office funded), then from 2002 through CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and now, from 1st December 2012, its successor Disclosure and Barring Service.  

  Fair Play's DBS Service is open to Member Organisations of Fair Play for Children.   We are able to offer electronic access, for employees and volunteers/management committees/trustees.

Organisations are expected to appoint a Responsible Officer and there is a support service for responsible officers operating the scheme.

The current costs for Enhanced Disclosures are:

Paid Employee:     50

Volunteer, Trustee:       6

There is an annual DBS Maintenance Fee of 24 payable to Fair Play for Children. We operate the service in association with a partner organisation.

Contact:      fpro@fairplayforchildren.net



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